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Birds Edge Studio...Think, Design, Make.

needle felted sculptures and puppets.


Two Fat Geese and a Gallon of Milk

Balancing Act

Octopus' Garden Suite #1


Birds Edge Studio

maker of things of wool

Hello and welcome...

What is birds edge studio?

It could be a tiny mouse on the edge of a book,

a thoughtful looking gnome sitting on a shelf, a sweet winter

wren perched on a window sill,

unusual and found objects incorporated into sculptures,

and hand built glove puppets to stir your imagination.


Its a quiet piece of art peering out at you through layers

of coloured wool.

In this world of mass production, a handmade thing gives you

time to pause.

To know it came from a place of understanding, care and


From a little studio on the edge of the west coast of Canada,

creative hands, a sharp barbed needle,

some wool

and lots of time and a curious imagination,

come pieces created through observation, artful design

and skill...

Come on in and have a peek...