Birds Edge Studio...

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I have been imagining and creating all my life.

I am self taught with a strong desire to



and Make.

When I discovered needle felting I learned quickly that

sculpting with wool would become a passion.

The process of needle felting goes like this...

Take a handful or two of roving.

Work it with a sharp, barbed needle for many hours, sometimes days and weeks.

A shape begins to form.

Further details are added along the, whiskers, beaks,

 feet, hooves and feathers.

Bells and buckets, teeth, and boots. Tentacles, tails, manes and paw pads.

Hours upon hours are spent fine tuning a piece.

There is no glue or sewing to keep the wool together.

The barbs on the needle matt the fibres, the scales of the wool,

thus creating a dry felted sculpture.

I look forward to each piece as it takes on its own life.

The possibilities are infinite.

Each piece is custom made and one of a kind.

This is the art of the sculpture.

I am lucky to share my studio and work with Norene Schmuck.

We are collaborators, inventors and makers of sculptures and garments made by hand.