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I see them creeping along the bark of the Garry Oak trees from my studio window. They are busy, busy little birds! Hopping from here to there hiding their stashes of seeds and looking for more.

In the fall I noticed there were sunflower seedlings sprouting from the moss on the trees...the Nuthatch stash now apparent and not so secret anymore!

This needle felted nuthatch is made by first creating tiny wire bird feet, covering them with a special tape, attaching them to a wire armature of a basic bird skeleton and then slowly layering the shape and sculpting the unspun wool using a very sharp barbed needle. This takes many hours. When the desired form is achieved, more detail is added including wings, feather shapes, eyes and final colours.

No sewing or knitting is involved. The only adhesive is to attach the eyes in the head and the feet onto the spool after holes have been drilled and wire inserted.

The nuthatch is perched and adhered to a vintage wooden spool and then signed and dated on the bottom.

This piece is not meant as a toy and is not intended for small children or pets!

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