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Evette...needle felted rabitt in a felted cloak



Evette sat poised in the window of the cafe.

“how will I know you?” he asked on the telephone the day before…”I will be the one wearing the red scarf” she said.


A step away from my more detailed sculptures, this simple, rustic wee friend will grace a seasonal tree, hang in a window, or lounge anywhere you see fit...each one comes with a a piece of their story, because everyone has a story to tell.

The little hanging creature is made by working a very sharp barbed needle into un spun roving around a wire armature for many hours until the desired shape is found.

The fibres are matted together making this a dry felted piece.

Further detail is added including final colour, whiskers and costume.

The cloak is made from a piece of a wet felted garmet I made and the scarf is made from a piece of upcycled wool kilt or blanket.

NOTE: **THIS IS NOT A TOY and not intended for children. Treat it as an ornament. 6" high


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